Rhinegold ‘Dottie Torrent’ Outdoor Rug For Foals / Tiny Ponies

No Fill | 3'6" 3'9" 4'0" 4'3"
Rhinegold ‘Dottie Torrent’ Outdoor Rug For Foals / Tiny Ponies
Rhinegold 'Dottie Torrent'

No Polyfill
Outdoor Rug For
Foals or Tiny Ponies

SIZES 3'6" - 4'3"
COLOUR - Navy with Red Spots.

This rug features:
600 Denier,
Waterproof breathable outer,
Lightweight - No polyfill,
Breathable cotton lining,
No back seam,
Taped seams,
Waxed stitching,

Double chest straps,
Front shoulder gusset,
Cross-over surcingles,
Strengthened surcingle guides,
Leg straps,

The materials used by Rhinegold in all of their outdoor rugs are certified waterproof.
This rug is waterproof BUT it is 'Lightweight'. By its 'Lightweight nature', strong winds may gust up and under the rug which may result in rain being blown around the horses back end. Heavy rain may also run down the horses neck and penetrate under the rug if left out in very wet conditions.
Brand Rhinegold