How do LOLipott Reward points work?

Every time you shop with you will earn LOLipott Reward points.  

Each pound spent is worth 1 LOLipott point. You will be able to see how many points an item is worth and the financial value of those points in the details for each item listed on our website (each point is worth 4p).

Once you have at least £5 worth of points in your LOLipott you can use your points as you would money to pay or part pay for an item or items.  

You do not need to wait for a voucher to be sent from us you can use your points straight away once the total reaches £5.  

You will automatically be told how many points you have available to use when you check out and will be given the option to use the LOLipott Reward points to pay or part pay for an order (or continue to collect them for future use).

How do I collect LOLipott Reward points?

In order to collect points you will need to create an account when you shop with us so that your points can be credited to you.  

An account is created by entering your chosen password into the relevant section of the page which FOLLOWS the payment page once an order has been placed. 

You will be able to see how many LOLipott points can be collected for each item and the financial value of those points when you view the details of an item.  You simply add an item or items to your cart as you would usually.  When you check out you will be able to see if you already have any points to pay with.  

When your order is sent through to us your points are reserved for you.  

Once your order is dispatched your points are credited to your account and will be available to use immediately (once £5 worth of points are in your LOLipott)

Newsletter and Facebook Page

Signing up to our Newsletter and liking our Facebook page is worth while as every now and again we have bonus periods where points will be worth more etc!