Lead Rope - Solid Brass Clip

Lead Rope - Solid Brass Clip

Twisted Cotton Lead Rope STRONG SOLID BRASS Trigger Clip

Approximately 2.15m (7') long (end to end including clip)

Approximately 2cm thick (this measurement is taken when the rope is relaxed).

Gold Coloured Solid BrassTrigger Hook (approximately 9cm long)

These twisted cotton lead ropes come in a range of colours and are great for horses, ponies or dogs etc.

Please note that the shade/colour and length of the rope may vary slightly due to current batches supplied from the manufacturer.

Whilst these lead ropes can be used as dog leads theyare a lead rope designed for use with a horse or pony
and so will not have aloop in the end as a traditional dog lead will do.
Brand Rhinegold