Gel Curry Comb

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Gel Curry Comb
Gel Curry Comb - LARGE or SMALL
Flexible grooming implement consisting of rows of circular teeth.

Includes glitter in the gel for a little sparkle.

This Gel Curry Comb is a useful piece of grooming kit designed to remove sweat, loose hair and grease from your horses body.
Provides a good massage for your horse and can help to remove mud as well.
This Gel Curry comb is an essential part of you everyday grooming kit.
Both Large and Small sizes available
Large curry comb has 4 rings of teeth and measures approx L 15cm (6") x W 11.5cm (4.5") at widest point
Small curry comb has 3 rings of teeth and measures approx L 11.5cm (4.5") x W 9cm (3.5") at widest point
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